7 Things I Overcome From My First Job

It’s been more than 4 years since I started on my first job.

I didn’t easily get a job after I graduated. I printed a lot of resumes. I walked through many companies. I accepted a lot of invites of exams and interviews. I received many NOs and false hopes. I’ve waited months and months after I find the right one for me.

Back in the day when Bruno Mars hits the top spot on Billboard with his track ‘Just the Way You Are’ is the time I got my first job. I find a company that fits perfectly for a fresh graduate seeking for opportunity and experience.

My position is an Update Editor. Basically, we’re doing monitoring of online publications (about legal cases) if it’s current and updated depending on the frequency assigned per data. We’re also doing editing tasks such as correcting online document conforms with client specification and customer’s request. Another thing is investigating and resolving issues with the use of support ticketing system, and lastly sending reports.

I stayed here for years, and I learned a lot of skills and gained experience throughout the years. During those years, I conquered my weaknesses, enhanced my strengths, and improved my skills and potentials, with the people I had fun working with.

Overcoming shyness. I’m a typical shy-type guy who sometimes misinterpreted weak and not capabale of doing things right. This is my weakness, and suddenly throughout the years, I believe, I improved. I learned to talk, to react, to suggest, to give my initiave; from timid it turns into proactive. However, this side of me still needs more practice in some ways.



Dealing with Clients and Colleagues. One of the best things company offered us is the in-house training, wherein I enrolled and got certificates in different learning seminars such as ‘Managing Work Attitudes,’ ‘Making Teamwork Work,’ ‘Effective and Proper Emails,’ and bunch of grammar lessons which really helped me to deal with the clients and co-workers in a smooth flow of conversation through emails, chat, phone, and physical interaction.

40742_1679148106969_3227081_n 577083_3888661376197_654049706_n

Failure and Disappointment. Every time I failed, every time my work hits by quality team, I feel disappointed, but then I realized, mistakes are okay. It is failure that turns into an opportunity to begin again in a smarter way. It may affect my quality grade but at least it’s a wake up call for me to do better next time.



Stress From Heavy Workload. I’m also a type of person that easily get anxious every time there’s a heavy work load with deadlines. But as time goes by, suddenly, I get rid of it. I learned to organize my stuff and imbibe good time management skills. Thanks to my sticky notes, and some phone reminders.

1479007_10205490301565248_7298546058598496407_n 1920540_10206147346710966_4180351821184706158_n

Some Writing Tasks. I love to write, especially when there is a person, an event, or anything that moves me or inspires me to do so. I find it very rewarding when I share something useful, entertaining, and some though-provoking topics through writing. My skills in writing has been enhanced by doing a lot of process documentation. I do update and sometimes create documentation for specific instructions. Every time I make one, I used to think I’m just doing a blog.

581291_3888649615903_1567113454_n 40742_1679148026967_908428_n

Working while Enjoying Life. In my early years in the company I rarely use ‘leave’, a manner I got when I was a student. Even though I’m sick, and there is heavy rain and massive flood, I strive to meet my work schedule and to have a perfect attendance. I think this attitude, somehow, has brought me to be recognized as a Top Performer for 2012. But then I realized, school is different from the office. I also need rest, vacation, and real work-life balance. After all, health is more important than appraisal, awards and salary. I may not always on top, but I’m always on my way, doing the best that I can be.



Slothfulness. I’m not a perfect employee, but does a perfect employee really exist? Sometimes, laziness strikes on me. Mentally, I get tired doing tasks again and again and again, that’s why I end up suggesting process improvements to save time, eliminate problems, streamlined procedures, yet keep things running smoothly. Lazy employees are not to be the worst ones, we do contribute in a meaningful way. 🙂


First job isn’t about the title and might not directly correlate to what you have learned from college. It’s about the experience you can get and new knowledge you can acquire beyond a white board marker.

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