Mt. Pamitinan: A Day Hike on a Rocky Mountain

It’s been a year since I went up to Mount Pulag, my first time to experience climbing a mountain. Although I conquered the highest mountain in Luzon before, I’m still a newbie when it comes it trekking mountains. I want to explore more, learn more and meet some awesome people while traipsing up to the peak.

Last day of May, I joined to a small group of young hikers who love mountains. I’m not sure how many trails and summit they have been through; all I know is they enjoy trekking.

Mount Pamintinan 3

Early morning at 6, from Cubao, Quezon City, we went ahead to Brgy. Wawa in Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal, the location of the two famous rocky mountains related to the mythical folk hero, Bernardo Carpio. The basic form of the legend is that Bernardo Carpio is trapped in between two great rocks in the Mountains of Montalban. (Mt. Binacayan & Mt. Pamitinan). Some versions say he is keeping the mountains from crashing into each other and some versions say he is trapped and trying to break free. When Bernardo Carpio shrugs his shoulder, an earthquake occurs.

The Mt. Pamintinan is the one we chose to climb.

Trekking Mount Pamitinan

At first, we crossed a hanging bridge and then passed through several houses while trekking up more or less a hundred step of stairs. As we walk through up, the trail suddenly changed and became hard and dangerous.

Bridge Going to Mount Pamitinan

Photo Credit: Eric Hierco

Mount Pamitinan 2

Mount Pamitinan 4

The rocky part trail is a challenge for me as a beginner yet it’s enjoyable to others who used to rock climbing. Gloves are important to keep your skin off from thorns and edges of the rocks. A thick shoes are also recommended. There’s a lot of rough and sharp pointed rocks and thorny vines we encountered along the trail.

Speed is not a priority, just enjoy your hike, keep smile, and keep safe always.

Mount Pamitinan 7

Mounta Pamitinan Summit 2

We reached the peak around 11am, and under the scorching heat of the sun, we enjoyed taking photos of stunning view from top. The summit is too small to accommodate bunch of hikers, at least 5 is good for safety reason. Thanks to our guide who was always there for us to assist our climb.

Mount Pamitinan Summit

Photo Credit: Balga Chor

Mount Pamitinan 6

Mount Pamitinan

By 1pm, we went down and took the opportunity to spend remaining time at Wawa dam after action-packed trek.

Wawa Dam is also known as Montalban Dam, it used to be the only source of water for Manila until Angat Dam was built. This is an abandoned dam that turns into a well-liked tourist attraction.

Wawa Dam Wawa Dam Montalban Rizal

Mt. Pamitinan Dayhike Itinerary: 

0430 Jollibee Farmers Plaza Edsa Cubao
0500 Take van from Cubao to Eastwood, Rodriguez, Rizal
0630 ETA Rodriguez, Rizal; take trike or jeep to brgy. Wawa
0730 Arrival at Brgy. Wawa. Register at barangay hall / tourism office
0800 Start trek up Mt. Pamitinan
0900 Arrival at Hapunang Banoy junction
1030 ETA summit / Lunch
1200 Start descent
1400 Back at Brgy. Wawa. Explore the area / Sidetrips
1700 Tidy up then take outbound trike
1930 Back in Manila

Hours to summit: 1 day / 1.5-3 hours
Specs: Minor, Difficulty: 4/9

Watch this video and see more:

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