5 Simple Ways to Become an Effective Leader

No, I’m not a boss… nor what they called a “leader”, but writing about this topic is not limited from the experience of a boss. Learning how to be an effective leader is within everyone’s grasp, whether you are already handle people in the workplace or you’re just one staff. I listed some of my ideas on how to be an effective leader based from my experience and observation as a team member.

1. Learn to listen and be an effective listener. Negative feedback is okay and whatever it is. You’re a leader, but it’s not necessarily means that you’re always right. Learn to listen to your team. Your staff deserve to be heard when they have concerns, big or small things they wanna voice out, good or bad, it’s also an opportunity for you to acquire and learn new things and constructive ideas that can be used as an advantage in the future.  You may not need to take any actions, but hearing them out is important to their sense of empowerment and significance. Besides, it’s also a way to help create harmonious team relationships to have an effective communication in your working environment.


2. Show that You Really Care. Employees on your team are not robots to follow whatever you ask or request to them. An effective leader takes a personal concern about the employees’ lives. Employees who feel that their boss is caring to them are tend to be more committed to their work.


3. Coach Employees. I really want a leader who is brave enough to tell me what’s wrong with me or anything that helps me to improve. Direct but sensitive. Giving feedback, good or bad, establishes a coach-player relationship in the working area. An effective leader has enough presence as a source of help and views his position as a coach, the one who educates and encourages players to build and target the goals. Make sure to have time to meet them not just at performance review time. Empower and motivate your staff, lift them up instead of dragging them down.


4. Recognize the Effort. Everyone in the workplace needs to feel appreciated. Don’t hesitate to mention things you like about the employees and how great they accomplished their task. Analogically, if someone wears a new attire one day, and get a lot of compliments about it, that person will certainly wear it again.

happy employees lifting boss cartoon-resized-600

5. Serve as a Role Model. True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders, and one way to teach employees about leadership is by being a role model they can observe and emulate. If a leader provides consistent, powerful and positive attitude, members will likely follow that lead.


Remember, having a worst boss doesn’t mean that you can’t get any good from them. They also serve as a model, a model that you wouldn’t be like to become.

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