How iAcademy Produces Globally Competitive Graduates


Photo from the iAcademy website.

With the endless possibilities of innovation that technology can bring, jobs that end-up sitting in front of the computer are still consistent on the top list as the most in-demand jobs in the past years and will be in the next decade. IT professionals who specialize in web developing and programming will remain in demand as more businesses rely on new technology to help them compete. Tech employers today are looking for graduates who has the passion, interest, good communication, solution-oriented and still, tech skills matter most.

An academic institution located at the heart of Ayala, Makati, Philippines, iACADEMY brings what tech industries are looking for their workforce. It offers nothing but the best quality education and state-of-the-art facilities. It is the best training ground that can produce globally competitive professionals.  For just short year of existence so far, it has already been awarded with IBM Center of Excellence in the ASEAN region, making this school different from a wide range of IBM partner school throughout the country.

But how iACADEMY can produce highly-competent industry-relevant computing specialists that are in-demand in the local and international employers. How does iAcademy differ from the other IT schools out there?

Last week, we had a good talk with iACADEMY’s Vice President for Academics, and the Dean of the School of Computing, Mitch Andaya. He discussed how this school outstands the others.

Though I’ve too many questions on my mind that I want to ask, all of these have been answered as he explained things that might encourage you to enroll your children or yourself in iACADEMY.


 Focused in Specialization

“We don’t want to be generic anymore… we want specializations. We want to develop software designers, not just programmers.” 

This is regarding to 2 of their programs: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in IT, Major in Web Development. They tend to develop students that will enhance not just their critical thinking in formulating algorithm but also the creative side in designing software.

“While in Game Development( with Specialization in Game Programming and Design) there are three types of developers: the programmers, the designers and storytellers/writers, what we do in our Game Dev is to train our students to be good in all three.”

They are not just focusing in programming that most IT school usually do, their program also involves designing characters with 2D/3D animation, and also creative writing. A complete package for what really industry needs today.


We also met the External Relations Manager, Jean Jalandoni as he toured us withing the vicinity.

Professors are Industry Practitioners

Aside from the academicians, set of faculty here is composed of industry practitioners. This is really a big advantage for the students to learn major subjects which is based not just in books but on the actual experience. Professors care to share ideas of their own experience that made students learn from it. They assure students access not just the technical aspects taught inside the classroom but most especially to the meaningful advice regarding the current IT landscape as instructors are members of the IT workforce.

“For example, a Project Management subject, who’ll be the best teacher for this? An actual practicing project manager. Who should teach a game programmer? An actual practicing game developer. Most of our teachers are practicing professionals.”

The major reason why it’s based in Makati, strategically because they want to expose the students to the ‘real’ environment where the actual leading businesses and industries exist, and to get interact to the industry professionals and partners. This is also an opportunity for the students to have very close offices where they can do their internship.


iACADEMY partners up with Microsoft. (Photo from iAcademy website)


We also had the opportunity to meet the head behind the success of this academy, the President and CEO of iACADEMY, Vanessa L. Tangco.

State-of-the-Art Facilities and Family Atmosphere

Aside from the whole building is air conditioned, when it comes to the facilities, no doubt iAcademy uses high-end equipment. It also offers the most cutting edge technology from Apple and Windows, and has the strong partnership with the Japanese company Wacom, that provides graphics tablets and other up-to-date facilities and technical services. This will help students to bring their talents to the next level.



Also, the number of students limited and evenly distributed to have professors to focus on each student to provide a better interaction.

“We wanted a maximum class size of 30. We wanted really a close environment. We wanted a family atmosphere, we don’t want call students here by their ID numbers. Everyone knows each other by name. Everyone has the freedom to express their own personal style without being bullied.”

11012247_10206751099364405_526078143_nStudents can hang-out in the classrooms if they need to do a project and use the facilities. They can stay at the faculty room if they want to study or just pass time before classes.

The Curriculum and Internship

Instead of making it 5 years, they decided computing programs such as BSCS with specialization in Software Engineering to be a four-year course but in a trimester.

IAcademy also offers intensive and hands-on training with 300 industry partners. Unlike the usual 200-300 hours of OJT, they set the hours of training into thousand of full time working hours of experience that will make up 8 months of internship.This will results students to expose in an actual workplace environment and to acquire more learning technically.

“We gave specializations meaning, we made the industry take notice with our 6-8 months internship program. We wanter to be industry-relevant, not just industry-ready “

Students can choose field with specialized courses that will expose them to the real demands of their industries, with education tailor-fit to achieve career success in the world of computing, business or design.


Vanessa L. Tangco vows to make iACADEMY the top design and technology school in Asia.

School of Computing

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Specialization in Software Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Specialization in Web Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Game Development with Specialization in Game Programming and Design

School of Business

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Specialization in Marketing and Advertising
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with Specialization in Financial Management

School of Design

  • Bachelor of Science in Animation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Technology

I’m really impressed by how they have made it this far. From being a newcomer a decade ago, they have suddenly emerged and consistently emerging as one of the TOP IT schools in NCR. Indeed, they can produce more globally competitive specialists that will surely hit the industries ground running

For further information or inquiries you can visit, call (02) 889-7777, like or send an email to

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