Clash of Clans: The 7 Levels of Addiction


From Angry Birds, Temple Run, Candy Crush and Flappy Bird mania, here comes another mobile game that still dominating the list of “Top Grossing” game (and overall apps category) for both Google Play and Apple’s App Store – the Clash of Clans, an epic combat strategy game.

In case you didn’t know yet and still in the cave playing Tetris and Solitaire, Clash of Clans is a mobile MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online)  game that can be installed and played on the iPhone and on Android devices. This was developed by Supercell, a video game company based in Helsinki, Finland. Players must build a village from scratch, raise own army of Barbarians, Archers,Wizards, Dragons and other mighty troops, and attack other players to earn trophies, and gold/elixir, which can be used to build defenses that protect the player from other players’ attacks, and to upgrade troops. The game will also let players to join a clan and to have face off against another clan, each member has limited to two attacks per war. As simple as that, eventually, this will make you get hook and be enthusiastic as you’ll get to try out various strategies.

But what are the signs that you’re getting addicted to this game.

Here are some… can you figure it out what level are you?

Level 0: Buying a new smartphone. 

First of all, you just started to get “what’s going on” to your friends playing this, and you can just get rid of this by buying a new phone. Either you don’t have one that will fit the mobile game system requirements or you just want to upgrade your Android Gingerbread into KitKat, (or maybe you just want a handy smartphone because you’re tired using a tablet). The new phones today are faster, better and will meet requirements to run the game.

+ But wait, yeah, buying a new phone to play this sh*t. Tadah!

Level 1: Playing even before getting out of bed. 

If you find yourself checking your phone first thing in the morning to check your village upgrade, clan war status or if someone attacks you after you’re long night of sleep, it might be the first sign.

+ You spend more time to the Layout Editor to build great defenses and you copy layout from the internet.

Level 2: Fighting the drowsy feeling at night. Sorry that I’ve mentioned “long night of sleep”, because maybe you’re not. In this case, you might been suffering addiction at its finest. Your night is not complete until you attack several other players to loot more resources. You’ve been tapped “Next” button for about 44 times just looking for a perfect match or should we say a “sure win” match.

+ You fall asleep unconsciously waiting your trained troops.

Level 3: Spending money in buying gems. 

When you lose your patience in earning gems (unlocking achievements) to have an additional builder, the intense desire within your mind will trigger you to buy gems. And yes, you are spending money to help get ahead in the game.

+ You’re excited to see how far you can achieve more from your clanmates and other colleagues.

Level 4: The beast has release in the barracks in just couple of weeks.

You deserve a slow clap with standing ovation just like before a curtain call, for releasing the mighty dragon on your barracks for a short period of time, and indeed because of your hard work and for consistently doing on what I already mentioned above.

+ At this stage of addiction, you’re now hungry for clan war.

Level 5: Emotionally attached to the game.

The game can bring you to a rocky road of emotions depend on the result of the clan war or a single battle. You can feel the sunlight of happiness when your clan wins or a super tropical depression when your clan defeat consecutively. Sometimes, when someone attacks your village and they loot bunches of  gold and elixir (and innocent dark elixir), all you just want is a Liam Neeson-type of revenge, to go the attacker’s village and destroy ALL even the decorations and flags. Madness!

+ You’re getting upset because someone upgraded a defense more than you or has a higher troop level.

Level 6: Unproductive. 

Checking your phone at least every other 15 minutes, might affect your performance and productivity at work. Just like addiction to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and visiting feeds of 9GAG when you’re in the office, it is the next level of addiction that can ruin your life and lovelife.

+  This is what your boss, or your teacher, or your mother, or your spouse being afraid of.

Level 7: Don’t talk to me.

Instead of talking to your friends(or even your partner) when you hang out with them, your priority is to use your last minute attack in the clan war or upgrade any to make your builder as busy as you. Sometimes you’re just acting like you’re listening to them but really not. You treat it as your “mistress” and you hope your partner doesn’t catch you playing all the time.

+ At this point, I want you to get off your phone and get a life.


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