Cebu: Sinulog Festival


Sinulog Festival is one of the grandest festivals in the Philippines that held annually in Cebu, every third Sunday of January. It is the center of the Santo Niño celebration in the Philippines that commemorates Filipino’s acceptance of Christianity.

All the way from Manila, my first trip for this year was in Cebu. I’ve been accompanied with my travel buddies, those who were also had a tour with me in Baler(2013) and Bicol(2014). And it’s about time to have my first ride on plane! 🙂


The Grand Parade. I’m one of the thousands there who witnessed how massive this festival is; very crowded(well, that’s a given), very colorful and enthusiastic participants in a very long parade were there. The streets were filled of colorful bunting flags or what they called banderitas. The grand parade composed of devotees of Santo Nino, Cebuanos with costumes and well-designed props, and even local celebrities.




The Paintensity. The Sinulog Color Party or Paintensity presented by ETC, is the messiest and wildest party in Cebu. Happened at the day before the grand parade, this is one of the unforgettable moments I experienced in staying here in Cebu. We got crazy colors painted on our face, arms and all over our outfit as we groove to the beat of DJ Funk Avy, DJ Nix Damn, DJ Inno Naguit and DJ Ace Ramos from 4pm and concluded at 4am.

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Beyond those celebrations, it’s not just about party for Cebuanos, but also it’s all about the faith and devotion that will remain unchanged.

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