Tous Les Jours Exquisite Cakes


Tous les Jours Festival Mall, Alabang branch

Tous les Jours is pronounced as too-lay-joo-r which means “everyday”. This is the name of a bakery that serves unique selection of delectable bakery goods, as well as exquisite cakes. Sounds French but baked products are made with the highest quality ingredients from Korea.

It was established in 1996. The first store opened in Guri, South Korea in 1997. It has over 124 stores outside of Korea in 7 countries: China, United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, and Malaysia. It has become the number one bakery in Vietnam in terms of number of stores and revenue. Launched in United States in 2004 and it has established a reputable bakery system. This is also the first Korean bakery opened in Manila in 2011.

I remember the day(I think couple of months ago) when I was in Festival Mall and I passed by in this bakeshop. Cakes are eye-catching  and I’m simply amaze how awesome those cakes were made. I said to myself that I will try to buy on that someday.

Last weekend, I just came back in Festival mall. Auspiciously, it was Father’s day and it reminds me that I need to have or to bring something to my father when I get back home. Then cakes from Tous les Jours came in to my mind. We bought two cakes, one for my father and one for our friend for the simple celebration of Father’s day: the Classic Chocolate and the “PARTY WITH BEAR” cake.20140614_152106 20140614_152029


20140614_152020 20140614_152339



20140614_152350 20140614_153008

It is different from the usual party cakes I’ve always seen. With its reasonable price the taste is as good as how creative the design is. You will notice the difference of its taste from the other. This blog post is limited on their cakes but they’ve lot to offer. They also have other quality baked products such as bread and pastries. Soon, when I come back I will explore more and will taste more of their products.


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