10 Mind-blowing Plot Twists of Disney’s Maleficent


Beware, spoiler awaits you. If you don’t want to continue, press ALT + F4. Thank you.

From the producer of “Oz the Great and Powerful,” “Alice in Wonderland,” and “Snow White and the Huntsman”, here comes another fairy tale spin-off directed by Robert Stromberg, the Maleficent. Thanks to Orange Magazine TV for giving me an invite to attend the block screening of this movie hosted by Monster Radio RX 93.1 last night.

The trailer is catchy. What’s interesting about the movie? None other than the gorgeous Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie who plays the role of the iconic villain who has an exaggerated digitally tweaked cheekbones that brings her face into edges and razor-sharp making her character looks wicked and fierce. Other casts were just simply plays supporting role for her.

Compare to the story of Sleeping Beauty we’ve known, this film made lot of changes from the original to focus about the untold story of Maleficent. Here are those twists that I’ve seen from this movie.

1. Maleficent was not an evil witch but a misunderstood fairy, lonely, heartbroken, and who never believes in true love(based on her experience).


2. True love doesn’t exist in acquaintance. In some point, it’s hard to find it when you’re just getting 16 years of age.


3. Maleficent tries to revoke the curse but it fails.


5. Maleficent had wings once. She’s a hero, no she’s a villain, a hero, no a villain. Whew!


6. Aurora’s father, King Stefan, is the monstrous one. In the end of the story, I don’t think Aurora really care about her father. Also, I want justice for the role of her mother(Haha!), she’s a great ‘extra’ after all.


7. The third fairy who’s about to lessen the curse of Maleficent was useless. Because Maleficent is also the one who added to the curse that Aurora will not going to die but will just sleep forever until true love’s kiss made.


8. The three fairy godmothers of Aurora are clumsy and dumb yet so funny.


9. Maleficent has been betrayed and sheared her wings.


10. We’ve known that true love’s kiss can always break a curse in fairytales, a kiss from a prince or someone who has a deep affection to the cursed protagonist. Maleficent redefines the meaning of it with her soft side, regretting all bad deeds, forgiving someone who did bad against her and breaking her own curse in an unexpected way.


One thought on “10 Mind-blowing Plot Twists of Disney’s Maleficent

  1. She is a villan all the way. Cutting off her wings was a questionable deed. It might have saved her life, it might not have. From the very beginning she rather want Stephen to starve than him taking a jewel out of the river. She curse an innocent child as revenge on her father. Just because she takes a liking to the child she cursed and regrets it doesn’t make it less evil. And even if she fixed it after she fell asleep, it doesn’t fix the 16 years of agony and fear her father had to go through. And in the end the hero of the story, Stephen dies while the evil witch Maleficent suffers no consequences, much like in American Psycho.

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