Exciting Water Slides in Splash Island


Splash Island is open from 8am – 6pm, Monday to Sunday however during off-peak season, operating hours are subject to change without prior notice.

Another water adventure before summer ends.

It was a sunny Sunday morning, a perfect weather for our company summer outing, happened in Splash Island. Considered as the largest water park in the Philippines, Splash Island is located in Biñan, Laguna.  It is home of the giant slides, and has been called as the “longest slides-capital” of our country.

Splash Island 1


Just 45 minutes away from Paranaque site. We arrived early before 8am.

This gathering is also served as a celebration since our company received a 2014 International ICT award as “Best Employer of the Year.” Entrance is free for more than 6,700 employees from different sites of the company attended and that’s the reason why Splash Island was closed to the public on that dayThe park has an area size of 7.5 hectares and has a maximum capacity of 6,000 guests and we are more than that. Haha! Terrible! 🙂 

Our company also gave away raffle prizes such as Go Pro Camera.



The water park offers unlimited use of all slides and attractions (except for the paintball, wall climbing, bunjee jumping and zip line). The rides were fun and suitable for adults and kids. We also had free accommodation on any Nipa Hut and other cottages.


Although I’m residing in Biñan, it was my first time to experience the different high-twisted slides in Splash Island. Each rides has different levels of enjoyment. What’s exciting for some may be boring for others. What’s absolutely fun to one may be frightening to someone else. Me and my colleagues tried some of those.

The Big Bamboo is the first slide we rode inthe covered tunnel which is tall and hollow treelike plant slide that will bring you into straight breathtaking experience. While Dos Supremos is  fastest slide and the only slide without any raft. It’s just your bare body against the walls of the narrow pipes.  Another slide is named after Ferdinand Magellan, the Magellan’s Drop, a face-down, face-first drop along a narrow stretch and considered as the highest slide platforms in the Philippines.


Big Bamboo water adventure slide


The Magellan’s Drop


The Dos Supremos King Pilipit

Rio Montanosa, is a twist-turn-down half-pipe ride for the whole family (and friends too) which has a raft that can accommodate up to 4-5 persons. This will not require you to carry floater unlike other rides. It was really tiring going up to reach the top of the slide but it was an enjoyable experience riding on it. If you want to laze around Balsa River is for you. This has a waist-deep water that snakes around the whole of Splash Island, just go with the water’s flow with your big donut-like raft, perfect to chill out and rest after lunch. We also enjoyed an hour of splashy waves of  Agos Grande (9-10:30 am, 1:30-2:30 pm and 4:30-5:00 pm)


Rio Montanosa


Balsa River


Agos Grande



Overall, it was a successful event that was truly enjoyed each and everyone of us. Although I haven’t tried other slides and rides, this is just a sign of higher possibility that I will be right back here soon. 🙂 

Photo Credit:
Lesther Lotino
Angel De Guzman
Splash Island Facebook Page

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