Road to Mayon Volcano

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Three days and two nights, together with my travel buddies, we had our summer getaway last holy week in Bicol. We travelled almost 8 hours riding in a rented van. My accompanied travel buddies here were the ones who also spent with me on my summer trip last year in Baler.

I already blogged the first two days escapade happened in our Bicol tour. We discovered some of the splendid islands of Caramoan and learned wakeboarding in Camsur Watersports Complex. On our last day, we tripped to Albay to see the stunning beauty of Mayon Volcano. Coincide onto that, we experienced many things that only Bicol can offer.

Bigg’s Diner

We took our lunch in Bigg’s Diner before we end up in CWC on our second day. The Pili branch which is said as favorite stop-over for travellers and even locals. This only-in-Bicol resto was started in 1983. The indulgent ambience is parallel to its delectable quality yet affordable foods. The menu consists of variety of chicken meals, sandwiches and pasta. People here need not to travel to Manila to have a taste of American western favorites. Personally, I like the crunchiness of their fried chicken with its reasonable price.


10258274_856354364378367_8156824402200746763_n (1)

with Mark Espinosa, Charmie Rose, Jerwin Madrid, Amiel Rafael Cosme, Jhed Sin Chio Co, Rlph Lvn Vldz


Daraga Church

Sunday morning, our last day in Bicol, we tripped going to Daraga. One of the perfect spots to have a great shot of Mayon Volcano is on the side of Daraga Church. You’ll see the perfect cone Mount Mayon and the stunning green scenery from top, one of my favorite view I used to draw in an ART subject when I was in grade school. 🙂


The Church of Daraga, also known as Our Lady of the Gate Parish Church.


with my Mount Mayon hairstyle


The perfect cone and the perfect weather!

Lignon Hill

Lignon (also spelled Lingñon, pronounced as /li-NYON/) Hill nature park is another well known prime tourist destination in Legazpi that offers a 360 degrees panoramic view of the city, Albay Gulf, Daraga, and the Mount Mayon awaits at the viewdeck. You can do hiking, biking, binocular viewing, and also exciting activities including a 320-meter zipline and riding on a four-wheel All-Terran Vehicle(ATV). A souvenir shop is also available here. We also had the chance to explore the 50 foot Japanese tunnel that used by the Japanese forces during World War II.



Sourvenir Shop on Top of the Hill


The Japanese Tunnel


The view of Legaspi Airport at the back.


Mayon Volcano from the viewing deck of Lignon Hill.

Cagsawa Ruins

During the eruption of Mayon Volcano in 1814, almost thousand people took refuge in the stone church of Cagsawa. Unfortunately, all had been vanished by the lahar and only the belfry remains.


Old photo of the church before the most violent and deadly eruption happened on February 1, 1814. (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Today, Cagsawa Ruins is consider as the most visited tourist spot in the town and one of the ideal places within Legazpi that is awesome to take photos of the volcano, considering the perfect view and surroundings. Tourist can also find several souvenir shops here offering native products such as handbags, shirts and handicraft made from indigenous materials. We took our lunch here and tasted the authentic fiery Bicol express. We also tried the fruit shake with a twist of piquant flavor


Random people I saw doing a photo trick with the bell tower.

Doing a photo trick in taking pictures in Cagsawa Bell Tower is a trend for every tourist.


Here are some of those photo tricks captured by several visitors here in Cagsawa Ruins. They really enjoy it.


The Sili Fruit Shakes available in variety of flavors such as mango and avocado.


Before going home, we bought some pasalubong including candied pili nuts which is very popular in Bicol, because Pili trees are usually grown in the Bicol forests. We also had enough time to chillin in SM Naga City, took our dinner here, and sang in a Karaoke booth.

At 9pm, we headed back to Manila and arrived around 5am.

It was truly wonderful experience to travel to some of the most popular places in Bicol especially the great view of Mayon Volcano with its almost symmetric conical shape.The place in my book that I’m always looking forward to see when I was studying it on grade school. 🙂

One thought on “Road to Mayon Volcano

  1. Say, Bigg’s Diner has an ambiance as similar to some restos here in the metro, huh?

    Never been into any of these places though. But in case, I’d love to try those… err, (heck I can;t recall the term, but that’s kinda similar to a road buggy thing) vehicular service they offer on going to the volcano itself.

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