Caramoan Island Hopping

Caramoan is a first-class municipality that consist of 49 barangays and 12 islets off the coast of the peninsula. This has been the site for several editions of the reality game show Survivor.


We spent the first day of our Bicol summer getaway in Caramoan, situated in the province of Camarines Sur. Riding in a motorboat, we traveled almost 2 hours from Sabang port of Camarines Sur to Guijalo Port, Caramoan. “Early goers catch early trip.” We missed the first trip at 7am, so we have no choice but to wait for the next one at 9am.

We arrived in Guijalo Port around 11am and took our lunch.

Matukad Island


Continuing the journey in the afternoon, sunny with intermittent clouds, we went in Caramoan National Park and start island hopping. Riding a motorboat, we proceeded in the most popular island, the Matukad.

It’s amusing that Matukad beach is composed of pristine powdery white sands that reminds me of a baby powder. It is also comprises with prominent limestone cliffs with growing jungle of vines and trees on top. Who will not hook in this kind of heaven in Earth?


Matukad island is also known for the mystic bangus that can be found above the vertiginous jagged rocks. Only few visitors took a risk to climb and to see the milk fish in the sequestered lagoon on top. Some of my fellow companions tried to climb and they said that it’s worth it and that give them a closer look at the bangus. They also viewed perfect scenery of the entire island when they’re on top.



The lagoon on top.

10254046_856341991046271_6754832291766925498_n (1)


Lahos Island




The word “Lahos” came from the word “laho” which means vanish. Settlers said that during high tide the two beaches suddenly disappear. The water flows from the shore and passed through the other side and only massive limestone rocks remain on both side and I think that’s the reason why there’s small hill-like white sand in the middle of it.



Lahos is not just another island, it’s another splendid place we love here in Caramoan. We spent almost of our time here just to enjoy the crystal clear water, dip, swim, and even took a jump shot pose.


with Mark Espinosa, Rlph Lvn Vldz, Charmie Rose, Jhed Sin Chio Co, Amiel Rafael Cosme, Jerwin Madrid

We also had the chance to take a look the other islands while we were riding on the motorboat.



Gota beach is the most popular Caramoan beach. The location chosen for the French Survior.


This is just the beginning and hopefully we can visit the other islets next time around.

The place is naturally clean and untouched by pollution, and technological advancement, such a stunning sight that also considered as country’s secret and unexplored paradise by many.

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