The Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

with Otep Zablan, Bino Bautista, Zen Zamora watched it on iMaz 3D

Lucky enough to the self-proclaimed “Oprah of the Philippines” TV host didn’t get a web shoot on her mouth to shut off her interview. Related to  the issue, she blatantly bragged her son’s first movie to Andrew Garfield that it actually beat “The Amazing Spider-man” in terms of earnings in the first day show in the Philippines.

Then, this satire article, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Cancelled in the Philippines Due to Kris Interview” made me laugh.

For almost two hours, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a million times worth watching than My Little Bossings.

Director Marc Webb, offers an exceedingly enjoyable, thrilling, romance and action-packed Spiderman sequel. It gradually evolves to the life of Peter Parker after graduation in high school and re-exploration of Spider-Man’s origins in depth, with a story involving the return of Peter Parker’s childhood best pal, Henry Osborn and disappearance of his parents, Mary and Richard Parker. The Oscorp Industires plays a big part on this sequel that will give rise to more iconic villains in the future.

In this sequel, you’ll the see how the high-voltage villain, Electro defeated by the sparks between Peter and Gwen. How romantic is that. 🙂


Spiderman is the epitome of strong man, not only physically but all the aspect of surviving a tortured heart. Imagine the situation that you’ve been raised without parents in an early age, then your uncle died, lose best friend and special someone, but still he came back to save lives of many people.


A post-credit teaser scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past was added to the film and made confusion among some viewers that incorrectly thought an X-Men–Spider-Man crossover film was being planned. But this is just because of an existing deal between Webb and 20th Century Fox. The Fox allowed Webb to direct the film if Sony would promote the X-Men film for free. Nothing should be assumed. According to news, two more planned sequels to follow,  the third film getting the release date of June 10, 2016, and the fourth film on May 4, 2018

By the way, thanks to PR Asia for inviting me in the Spiderman screening on its opening day which is supported by Globe Telecom in SM Aura’s Director’s Club.

May 4, Sunday, I watched it again in iMAX 3D in Mall of Asia together with my blogger friends. I felt like I’m in the movie swinging and web slinging from building to building, another amazing film perfect on 3D.

But it was not just another superhero movie with its dramatic special effects and dynamic musical scoring but the film has the heart that surely captured every movie-goers.

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