SYNC: The Convergence of Music and Tech

I'm with Ronnie Mia, Nes Domingo and Axl Guinto

Happened last Satuday night at Black Market, Pasong Tamo, Makati City, #SYNCManila (Photo Credit:

Technology plays a big part of today’s generation particularly in communication and building connections. With the development of this technological advancement in different platforms such as internet and mobile interaction, spreading news and information has made easier. It affected our lives and definitely the way we listen to MUSIC.

The different record labels are now facing the new generation of music distribution. Technology has also made an impact the way artists or musicians create and promote music.

Sponsored by JBMusic and Jack Daniel’s, Spinnr conducted a conference entitled SYNC: MUSIC + TECH, that tackled issues relating to the convergence of music and tech especially on how music-related people today are using digital tech in performing, creating, promoting, and distributing music.

Jim Ayson started the talk about revolution of music distribution. From tapes, CDs, Walkmans, CD players  and now MP3 players, smartphones and other  music-related gadgets also walk thru its innovation. Barbie Almalbis shows her tech tools that she always use in every performance. The power of tech and social media brought Lee Grane‘s followers from 50 to thousands, after shares and retweets of her performance. She also stressed the social media responsibility of an artist should have. Francis Reyes tells the importance of computer hardware and a software in creating rhythmic tunes. Atty. Vin Dancel, (CEO pf Ritmo Learning Lab) explained how today’s gadgets can help parents to educate their children more effectively through music.


A welcome remarks from Jim Ayson, dicussed about the new music revolution


Barbie Almalbis demo on how she use her stompbox.


Lee Grane debuting her new song “Sana” and now exclusively available on


Atty. Vin Dancel explained about “Joomajam”, which combines music, tech and education.


The common denominator of every digital music services today is their tough competitor, the “free download.”  Digital changes bring big opportunities but also challenges to the industry. We’re now in a digital world and its technology is forever evolving. 




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