#iBlog10: We Are Internet Historians

Here just to summarize on what I’ve learned during the 10th Philippine Blogging Summit which held at Malcolm Hall, College of Law, UP Diliman last April 4 and 5. I’ve been in the blogosphere since 2007 but this is my first time that I attended this kind of event. It’s great to have an annual gathering of bloggers, digital media people and speakers who empowered and give an inspiration to others.

with Axl Guinto, Ronnie Mia, Nes Domingo, Mc Richard Paglicawan, Flowell Galindez, Adrian Benipayo, Ning Buning, Jemaima Robles

Photographed by Dennis Rito.

From the past, we know that blog is just a personal website that’s all about experience, activities and observations or opinions. But blogging’s golden age has just passed. Changes and innovation made blog branch out to the wide range of definition and purposes.

  • Bloggers can now be one as new media personalities, wherein they can write news about current events, entertainment, sports and all about latest technology.
  • Social media also change the landscape of business through blogs. Content creators and paid content start to rule the web. Companies tap digital marketers including bloggers in creating meaningful, and entertaining blogpost.
  • You can use blogging as form of advocacy. Blogger may be turn into an activist, campaigning to bring about political or social change. Stand up for something, give back and do something to your community. 
  • Doctors and other professionals should blog because it’s an extension of their practice, and should spread their experience and educational topics that will help readers as their reliable reference and resources. They are natural storytellers with credibility, so everyone will listen or read on what they’ve been wrote. This is also a therapy for them to release stress.
  • Bloggers are considered as internet historians because they write things and thoughts that are being documented and can be used as for future references.
  • Keep writing and blog to represent your brand or personality. Know your content and you must know what collaboration is. Most importantly, compete with yourself.
  • Bloggers nowadays play an important role in nation-building.
  • Be clever and witty because that won’t ever go out of style
  • Bloggers shouldn’t stay inside their room, blogging is a community. Go out and make some friends and build connections with them.

Looking forward in the evolution of blog for another years to come.

I would just like to commend and congratulate Madam Janette Toral and the other organizers behind this successful and meaningful event for us, bloggers. Since this is my first time, I learned so much things beyond what I’ve known from the past. Also, I would like to thank (I like this line, feeling celebrity lol) my blogger friends who bring me in this event and for all those bloggers I’ve met for the first time. 🙂10007378_783345225009937_534256716_o 1901240_783345438343249_364556699_n



“Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.”  ― Jon Morrow

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