It’s Hard To Write, But It’s Harder Not To


I started to write a blog post in 2007 on a Friendster blog platform.  I wrote about  some nasty and own humorous experiences, contemporary issues and reflective depictions of society in the Philippines. Unfortunately, Friendster was redesigned, making all of blog contents disappeared.

Busy during college life, I have no time to update or to make a new blogsite. I don’t know about WordPress or even a Blogspot. Facebook booted out Friendster, and MySpace from being the top of the social networking sites that time. Aside from being addicted to Farmville, I did my own music chart based from the different music charts local and global, to share what’s new release songs and to update my readers in my own taste of music.

In 2012, I learned  I created a new blogsite which is the “Kblogztugan” on a site, same theme as on my Friendster blog which is obviously not that serious type of blog but there’s always something in between the lines. Moving forward, I’m busy about my work that’s why I didn’t maintain the site but I decided to make something new. I created again a blogsite, this blog (previously which is all about myself, opinions, experience and some interesting topics that I would like to share, and also to exercise my writing skills technically and grammatically. The niche is a way too far from my previous blog. My blogposts are open for revision in case there is an error in facts stated or in grammar.

Alongside with this, I started to write and continue my personal humor blog in 2013, which is written in Tagalog/Taglish. The title/url of my another blog is “Juan” which represents every Filipino and its culture, and “Malaya” which symbolises travel, independence and evolution by means of innovation and development in society and to ourself.

My blog is what I am. I write not to impress but to express, and I love to share things that I’ve find interesting and worth sharing.

Publishing a blog is just one click away but it is indeed that blogging is required some investments of effort and a sort of time management. Yes, it’s hard to write, but it’s harder not to. Blogging is fun, especially when you’re driven with happiness in doing it. 🙂

One thought on “It’s Hard To Write, But It’s Harder Not To

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