17 Degrees Celsius

Accompanied with my two buddies,  we arrived in Baguio City, morning at 6 on the clock. We welcomed by the 17 degrees celsius of temperature.


Last year, I’m here together with my other friends, we witnessed the celebration of Panagbenga festival. We mainly focused in the festival,  watching street dancing, pay particular attention to the grand float parade, and even going in what they called session road in bloom. Massive crowds is one of the reasons why we didn’t get enough enjoyment last year in visiting some famous destinations here. Heavy traffic and crowded condition in some venues for tourist like us. (Kulang na lang ay magtulakan sa bangin ng Minesview Park.)

But this time, I’m satisfied on what places here in Baguio we went through.  More places and experiences, such as picking fresh-cut strawberries directly from strawberry farm… Ooops just kidding. We didn’t pick anything unless we have budget for these, but for the sake of photo opportunity we did. 🙂 If you’re a visitor here and don’t have enough money to buy and pick your own strawberries, all you need to do is a walk-through while you’re feeling envy to others picking their own. Haha!  But taking pictures is free of charge, go on and take selfies or act like a professional mobile photographer. 20140215_135900


Camera 360

Next, we went to the very famous Minesview Park, the Negosyo Capital Barangay of Baguio City(in my point of view). You can see here the different kinds of business of the residents. From selling strawberry taho, ice cream, and souvenir items outside the park to renting telescope, Igorot costume and even taking pictures with a dog and riding on a horse in place. This park will always be the saving grace of the economic growth of Baguio.

Camera 360

with Ranz Zorilla, RJ Verzosa

We”ve been also in Botanical Garden wherein you can see a lot of stunning sceneries that you can use as a background of your pictures or even at your selfies. This place made me feel tired to go to various parts of this area but worth it. 20140216_124102Camera 360


Before we came to The Mansion, we just passed the Wright Park. The park where you can ride a horse… not just in place.

When we came to the gate of The Mansion, a guard was there to welcome us. He brought us inside the mansion. That was my first time to see what’s inside the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. It was so alluring, fascinating and wide… extremely wide, just like my imagination. 🙂


We also visited the famous haunted house in Baguio, the Laperal White House near Teacher’s camp. The place where so many killings happened when Japanese soldiers lived here, that’s why it has always been believed that the ghosts of the past still haunt this house. We paid an entrance fee just to enter and see what’s inside the house, and that’s too horrific decision I guess.



A two-day trip is enough to encounter lot of things to experience, from low-priced carinderia in front of University of Baguio to the top of SM Baguio, from walking around to Melvin Jones Park, walking through the cave of Botanical garden, to rowing a boat and riding a bicycle in Burham Park.. Baguio is still well worth a visit.

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