A Zippy Trip To Paradizoo


I’m back! It’s been two months since I’ve been in Tagaytay for a Christmas trip. Two days before, an invitation came from one of my blogger friends, MC Richard aka Manyang Blogger(on Twitter) and the one who handled the blogsite lionhearTV.com. Besides him, I’m also accompanied by one my blogger best buds, Otep, and the rest of the other bloggers that were invited.

Tagaytay offers a lot of interesting places you can visit and two of those are the Residence Inn(Tagaytay Zoo), and Paradizoo, which is located in Mendez Cavite, few minutes ride from Tagaytay. Both zoo are being managed by Zoomanity Group, the leading theme park industry with the goal of giving the best ever tourist destination and nature educational experiences.

After almost two hours journey from Manila, we arrived in Paradizoo, that recently celebrating the annual Power of Three Festival.

First, we visited the animal farm, wherein we get chance to see different kinds of animals and interact with them. Almost every corner there’s a lot of information you can read and learn from it. Trivia, guidelines, quotes and other additional interesting knowledge about animals. We learned goat milking and feeding ostrich. Feeding and enjoying with the lovebirds is like a childish thing to do, really had fun with it. Visitors may overcome their fear of snake because they we’ll get a chance to deal with it. I think it’s a challenge to them especially not all people are brave enough to even touch the skin of the snake knowing that it’s safe and non-venomous one.


We went to the flower and vegetable garden. We sited different kinds of plants that usually grow in this kind of weather. The colors and the arrangements are really nice thing to see. They also sell fresh-cut vegetables like lettuce, parsley etc.



Flower Garden and Vegetable Farm

According to the man who oriented us about butterflies and bees, he said that both of them are considered as bio-indicator. They play a big part in our ecosystem. We also learned that harvesting of honey is only done once a year, just every summer.


Butterfly and Honey Bee Farm

After all of the things that we learned from Paradizoo. We went to Residence Inn, wherein another zoo and set of animals are there. Some of the bloggers also tried ridding on a zipline and cable car with a perfect view of Taal volcano and lake.

with Adrian Benipayo, Ning Buning, Mc Richard Paglicawan, Flowell Galindez, Otep Zablan

Residence Inn (Tagaytay Zoo)

Indeed, Zoomanity Group focus on educating people about nature and environment thru interactions and entertainment that will result enjoyment, amusement and adventure. Both zoos comprise of fresh air and captivating sceneries, that will surely reminds you to conserve and respect our environment. In the end, we do have a big part in protecting and preserving the beauty of our nature.




Visit their website for updates www.zoomanity.com.ph or call 899-9828 or 08 or text (0917) 835-1111 for inquiries.

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