Tagaytay Christmas Trip


Finally,  after so many years, I just came back in Tagaytay to have some fun with my Tropa Kong Bloggers  – coined by Otep, the one who wear green shirt in above photo.

After reading the blogpost written by Mark about our Christmas trip, I’m thinking if it’s necessary to make one also.

Well, this is my version since I’m the mastermind, just a quick. 🙂

Night before,  I came on our company Holiday Party. The event finished late night but I went home early to get enough of sleep for tomorrow’s road trip.  Three hours of sleep isn’t enough but I’m quite excited.


This is us inside the van.

We are welcomed by a very nice weather. Dear Lord just heard my prayer to make it better after last night’s heavy rain. 🙂


Our first stop – Pink Sisters Convent.

After walking around from what they called Pink Sister we decided to go in People’s Park in The Sky.


The view from the top before entering People’s Park.


The view from the top of the People’s Park.

jump shot

Pre-jump shot 🙂


with Mar and Otep


Thanks to Ninong Bino for this nice shot and to all other pics used for this post, credits to him.

We took our lunch in Carlo’s Pizza, one of the few restos there that can accommodate us because others were fully occupied.


Waiting for our lunch in Carlo’s Pizza Restaurant


In the spirit of Christmas, we also did exchanging gifts here. 🙂


Taking pictures before going to Sky Ranch


You can’t leave Tagaytay without seeing this view 🙂


Before we end up, our final trip is in the Sky Ranch.


Groupie 🙂


Feeling on top of the world at the Sky Eye.



Sunset from the Sky Ranch

There so many other places here we didn’t reach, because one day isn’t enough to do through the other interesting attractions. However, I had so much fun and hoping to come back again soon, or maybe anywhere else. Bonding with my friends is much more important after all. 🙂



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