My Samsung GT-I9505

Finally, I got my real life companion, Samsung Galaxy S4.


S4 and s3 are almost the same, until I’ve seen it on my owm. The air gesture and air view; the smart scroll, smart pause and smart stay; the 13 MP camera; LTE capable, and 5-inch TouchWiz UI are some features of S4 far from the previous Samsung Galaxy version.

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As I browsed on Google, I’ve seen different websites reviewing about their choice of what are the best smartphones this year. Their TOP 10 includes Nexus 4, Sony Experia Z, Apple’s iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC One wins the design among of them, but S4 still the best quad core smartphone despite of having plastic body that critics said it was a mistake. I think the battle of smartphones today is not between Apple and Samsung rather it’s Samsung vs HTC.

S4 has different models available in different countries. The two major models are are GT-I9500(few markets) and GT-I9505(International). Both sound the same, cost almost the same, and they both look the same, but on the inside, their brains are quite different. GT-I9500 has an  Exynos 5 Octa 5410 CPU while GT-I9505 has quad core Snapdragon 600. Unlike GT-I9500, GT-I9505 supports LTE.

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There are some glitches I’ve noticed in the first two weeks I used it, but very minimal(for me). I’m not a fan of a phablet not even Samsung Note. I want a pocket-friendly phone with powerful performance. I dont care about the design or if it is metallic, plastic or gold, any of those can be cover by protective case. The battery usually last about 10 hours that includes playing music, playing games and browsing social networks. Compared to my old phone HTC Desire S, this is 10x better.


with my previous HTC Desire S.

One thing I don’t like about it, it is not 16GB. Almost half of it is already in use by phone’s operating system and built-in apps, limiting the amount of data you can store. Samsung should be selling this as an 8GB phone. However, Samsung isn’t the first company to come in this situation, Microsoft’s 64GB Surface Pro has just 23GB of usable space. Anyway, there’s always a slot for memory expansion in Samsung. On another brighter side, S4 users are legible to claim additional 48 GB of Dropbox, just follow their instructions carefully.

I wonder what will be the features of the next Samsung flagship phone. 


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