The Twitterization of Facebook Continues


In previous years, Facebook implemented a verification system for celebrities and large brands with the blue checkmark; it uses to distinguish verified users, same on Twitter. Facebook has also borrowed several features from Twitter, including “@” mentions and the option to follow influencers. And now, after the introduction of hashtag, Facebook has now experimenting with its own version of trending topics.

Facebook will contend for a real-time discussion, as it confirmed the release of its version of trending topics. In very early stages of development, the testing is currently only available to a small percentage of U.S. users who use Facebook’s mobile web site. Is Facebook trying to kill Twitter with this move?


How do you feel about Facebook potentially introducing trending topics?

What will be the scheme of Facebook if there’s a list of trending topics alongside, bottom or on top. How will it differ on Twitter? Facebook is not like Twitter wherein you can post a hundred status in a single hour. That’s very annoying in Facebook right? I’m interested about what methodology they will use in listing hot topics in a real-time based.

Generating a list of trending topics is a cool idea. This will maximize the usage of hashtags on Facebook. It can be used to search keywords and/or topics of interest. You will be aware on what’s hot and what’s not. A helpful way of scanning feeds to see what’s going on. From a marketing perspective, this could help bridge more conversation between brand pages and Facebook users, another form of marketing strategy.

Just like Twitter, some users will abuse the use trending topics. This might become the home of annoying users. Trending topics may come up as nonsense and will be just an additional noise. Soon will arise annoying marketing strategy as they bring contest just to solicite a spot on the list of trending topics.


Is Facebook trying to become an all-in-one social media platform?

Have you ever imagine what’s the next big thing to introduce by Facebook? How about a heart-shaped favorite button, a wall that enables to send a graphics interchange format(GIF) or maybe, Facebook will also adding video ads to the news feed soon?

Here are reaction of some netizens, snippets from the

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