10 Worth Following Twitter Accounts


They may not be all experts but I find their tweets interesting, entertaining and informative. I’ve come up to the list of 10 non-personal Twitter accounts that worth the click of ‘follow’ button. Almost of them don’t deliver any marketing content/advertise nor promoting something, rather pure ideas and information, some of them are sarcastic but humorous indeed.

Note: The link of their Klout score and  influential moments from the past 90 days has been embedded in the title of each.

1. Social Media Tips
If you are a newbie(or even not) on Twitter, @tweetsmarter is the best to follow. The account is handled by Dave and Sarah, member since August 23, 2008. They are both Twitter and social media savvy who always give tech support and share tips, tools, and interesting news and blogpost about social media.

2. Grammar Teacher
You can have fun learning about grammar and vocabulary while also laughing in his stuffs. From one of the coolest grammar blogs from Tumblr, Grammar YUNiversity is also on Twitter(@The_YUNiversity) since November 20, 2010, feeding your timeline useful grammar tips.

The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation… and recollected by @quotedojo, started on April 30, 2011, tweeting nothing but quotes cited from the original author. Quote Dojo is different from lots of quotes accounts I’ve known on Twitter,  unlike others that usually have annoying RTs and promotion, and spam links.

4. Interesting Fact
Aside from being ‘verified’, only few fortunate accounts get username with the actual description about their tweets, @Fact is one of those. Dedicated in sharing interesting, weird, funny and even useless facts about the world we live in. If there’s a hesitation about Fact’s tweets, you may always use Google to verify.

5. Humor
The popular site 9gag is one of the best sources of fun and good vibes. The laughter continues on Twitter via @9gag, that started on October 2, 2008. Their influence has reached  over a million of followers.


6. Earth Science
National Geographic Channel, trademarked as Nat Geo(@NatGeo) started on Twitter on November 19, 2008, bringing and sharing very interesting non-fiction factual content involving nature, science, culture, and history. Nat Geo with over 3 million followers on Twitter is also popular on Instagram with over 2 million followers.

7. Sarcasm
A tongue of which the user speaks of something the complete opposite of what the user means, that was “saracasm”, according to the Urban dictionary. It often has the best comedic value. @ThatSarcasm brings sacastic relatable tweets to over 2 million followers.

8. Mind Blow
Since February 11, 2012 @mindblowing has been posting tweets that’ll always make your mind blow, thinking what if it exists, what if it happens or leaving your mind hanging.

9. Amusing Photos
Sharing not just amazing photos but informative and entertaining that surely will make your day, @GooglePics influenced over a million followers.

10. Tech News
CNet (Centre National d’Études des Télécommunications ) is an American tech media website that publishes reviews, news, articles, blogs, and podcasts on technology. Member since April 11, 2009 on Twitter, @CNet is one most followed account that shares all tech-related news, reviews and downloads.


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