Likes and Dislikes about Globe Telecom


These are the reasons why I choose Globe and the reasons why you should not. Just to be fair I wrote 5 things I like about and 5 things I dislike. One of those 10 things I listed below is the reason why I persuade to make this post.


1. The Best Ever mySUPERPLAN -For me, it’s the best postpaid plan that a network can offer. You can now take full control of your plan, letting you fully customize & personalize it even further. You’ll have a corresponding Peso Value that you can allocate to pay for Combos and giving you almost double your load. So for example, when you plan to have an Samsung Galaxy S4 for only 999/month(with 1700PV), you’ll have to pay P10,100 cashout (+P999 1 month advance payment) for 30-month contract period(actually you can take the S4 free for as low as 1799 without cashout with 30-month contract period) . Cashout depends on the length of desired contract. I think the Plan 999 is most affordable plan to get an LTE gadget with an unlimited dataplan of an LTE network. When you check the other networks and how their plan works compare to Globe, I may indeed choose Globe.

2. No Deduction of load for wrong keyword -It’s annoying when you only have an exact amount of load but always diminish every time you send a wrong keyword to subscribe for their service(unlimited text for example).  Compare to Smart, there’s no load deduction on Globe for sending them a wrong sms keyword. In fact, Globe has user-friendly mobile selfservice menu, just dial “*143#”

3. Points and Rewards -Globe gives reward to their loyal prepaid(and even postpaid) subscribers by giving points for every reload. These points may be used to redeem rewards. There’s a lot of items to be redeemed depending on the number of points you have. For me, Globe Rewards has the easiest ways to understand about their mechanics, registrations and redemption.

4. Easy to ‘ Share-a-load’ – You don’t need to remember numbers where to send when you need to share a load with someone nor what keyword needs. Just text the amount and send to “2”+10 digit numbers(ex. 29176614188). It’s up to you if want to have PIN for security purposes.

 5. Talk to Globe on Twitter – If you have any complaints about Globe, you can easily reach them on Twitter, on their @talk2globe account. They also have an individual twitter accounts, @(insertname)ofGLobe. They are the minions army of Globe Telecom who handle customer’s dissatisfaction, annoyance, expostulation and grievance. Just beware those fake customer service Twitter accounts.


1. Weak Signal – I don’t know if it’s true or just an Urban legend that Globe’s signal is weak every time it rains (or after the rains or always). As I just read on my Twitter timeline,  some of them complaining about this issue. This time I don’t want to compare Globe with other networks because almost all of those have a ‘signal’ issue.  Globe signal varies depends on location, unfortunately, mine has an EDGE signal that always give me a terrible internet connection. If you’ll plan to buy a Globe Tatto, I suggest to read “Before you buy a Globe Tattoo, there’s things you should know” for you to be aware some things about the service.

2. Postpaid Billing Problems – I believe that there’s a lot of issues involve in billing and payment for Globe postpaid subscribers. I’m not a postpaid subscriber but my friends(and my Twitter timeline) told me about the issues they dealing with. One of the testimonials I’ve search is the article from entitled “My Woes with Globe Telecom“.

3. Limited ‘Unlimited Internet Surfing’ – Limited ‘unlimited surfing’, that’s too ironic with their tag lines ‘Live without limits’ and ‘Go lang nang Go’ right? I experienced this kind of problem, they notified me via sms that I exceeded their bandwidth cap of 800MB/day and they advised me to wait until 12 mn to reset my consumption or just disconnect the service and subscribe to another unlisurf service – it’s quite  annoying. They said that the reason why is to eliminate abusers who are using it to download big files like torrents and movies, well, they should have replace their service title as well, to eliminate confusion. I think ‘Not-So-Unlimited Surfing’ promo will do.

Update: Globe revised their fair policy, now, they will not disconnect the unlimited service rather, they will reduce the speed of your internet connection into 2G.

4. Processing Postpaid Application – Just happened recently, I tried to apply postpaid plan. I already submitted the requirements but seems they have a slow-moving process that needs to thrust hundred follow-ups before they push through my application. According to CSR that I’ve talked, they will process my application within 3-4 days after I submit the requirements, but they response and gave me a call 10 days after just to inform me that I’m not capable for the plan I applied. That’s awful to keep me waiting for nothing. Anyway, why there’s a discrimation for BPO employees?

5. I tried to be fair but I think those are the only things I dislike about Globe. Well if you have any, feel free to share it with me. I think this slot belongs to you now. What can say about Globe? By the way, just to acknowledge Globe, thank you for not accepting my postpaid application and I’ve come up with this blogpost.


5 thoughts on “Likes and Dislikes about Globe Telecom

  1. hahaha akala ko paid post. yun pala hahaha. nice one 🙂 so far good naman ang relationship namin ng globe, may mga issues nga talaga sa billings dahil sa system upgrade pero, inaayos naman nila pag nabrought mo sa attention nila.

  2. globe’s billing system sucks! i’m a postpaid subscriber, upgraded my plan early this year, got freebies because of it, one of the freebies I chose is unlicall/text to one number so I registered a number for it. but ever since my plan was upgraded, I always have problem with my billing statement. globe always charge me for the calls/text made to the number I registered in the unlicall/text, in fairness they’re adjusting my bills whenever I call their attention, it just that it annoys me that I have to call them every month for the same reason, to adjust my bills. grrrr!!!

    btw, got no problem with their unli-data plan, never experienced the limited “unlimited surfing”. 😉

  3. This is my problem!

    my first bill cost me 5062 which include my handset fee that supposed to be free by my plan 499 and whats funny about this globe dont release handset until you gave them the payment for the phone so if you think they cant gave me the handset as long as is not free of charge right?
    (samsung duos) = 3214.25
    then i thought i was consuming a large amount of internet connection because i wasnt aware of computing how much kbps we consume when we browse and download .
    then when i saw this post from other blog (
    (“To my horror, I would have to pay almost P3000 pesos! That’s because I have used over 10,000 KB of data!”)
    so may internet usage is 23,509.00Kb and total 2,760.00mins 2days of nonstop browsing
    that cause me
    KB Browsing Charges – WEB/Internet 23,509.00Kb 0.00
    KB Browsing Charges – WAP
    Total Volum 51,200.00Kb 312.20
    Less: Free/Bonus Volume 51,200.00Kb 312.20 CR
    Total KB Browsing Charges – WAP 0.00
    Time Browsing Charges – WAP 2,760.00mins 821.01
    Sub-Total (Browsing Charges) 821.01
    Powersurf Savings 17.44 CR
    Sub-Total (Billable Browsing Charges) 803.57

    now let me total my txt and call fee its was 52.22
    then the total amount that i consume was 860.12

    then my monthly recurring fee is worth 891.08 this was for two months payment.
    summing all of this payment coz me 5,062
    i was shock with this then i called them.(ill make the story short)
    first agent told me that when he computed my total amount less all the possible things that he can less my payable amount is total of 1350+ so i was ok with this.
    then i thought it was ok but globe texted me that i still must pay for 5K+ bill so i called them to clarify things again .
    2nd agent told me that my total payment was 1413 then i ask her why the other agent told me a different amount then she told me blah blah blah and then i just ok ill pay for this amount just make sure that all problem with my account will be settle so after 2weeks i was billed with my 2nd billing.
    and i was shock again! that my payment was 5,275.26

    so i called them again!
    3rd agent told me that i have 2nd bill so b4 he continue to discuss things for my 2nd bill i ask her why i still have previous balance of 3,649.35.
    i told her to compute again my first bill then he came out of 1,900k w0w another different computatiion (“take note i already settled my first billed that coz me 1413”)
    then after that i told her why she telling me another different computation and then she pause and didnt tell me anything for atleast 45sec then she hang up then doesnt call me back
    (*note i have xperience that if the line was cut they will return a call back but they didnt call!)

    so i was concluding this new all system was a mest because they cant even defend all the client/consumer question and still they want us to pay for the bill so our plan are still going and if you dont pay they will cut it up but all we got is nothing but a trash answer from them how we can trust them that we pay for all we used not we pay for all they want us to pay.

    sorry for poor english =)


  4. this is my sickening problem as a prepaid internet surf user… f*** that service i cant use internet with that 2G browsing.. f*** im gonna complain about this in NTC its unfair… this should be applied for 1 day net surfer as they might abuse download but not for a 1 month unli service of prepaid supersurf 999 f*** you globe.

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