TOP 10 Most Annoying Activities on Social Media


Last week I researched and conducted a survey to my friends asking what are social media practices that made them annoyed especially on diferrent social networking sites. Some mentioned about the automated DM on Twitter, sending posts directly to people on Google+, inviting everyone you know to contribute to your Pinterest board, spam emails and chain messages, begging for attention-post and even commenting irrelevant links on your Facebook post from random people. Other than that I listed down the TOP 10 most annoying activities on different social media platforms. Here it goes…

10. Photo Tagging 

Either you are being tagged on the photo that caught you from a bad angle and/or an awkward scene or you tagged on the photo that really nothing related to you.  They are both annoying right? You’re not in that picture but someone seems to want you to be in. What’s more annoying is when the conversation has been started on that post, which will notify you every time someone is commenting on that photo.

9. Connecting Twitter on Facebook

There is a difference between posting status on Facebook and on Twitter. You can post many times a day on Twitter but not socially accepted to do the same on Facebook.  It’s quite annoying. Some people connect their Facebook on Twitter, in the sense that their post on Facebook directly post also on Twitter – it’s okay but vice versa, it’s not. Your Facebook friends’ timeline will be flooded by your multiple Twitter post(in case you post many times on Twitter a day).  Turn off settings that automatically post your tweets to Facebook. Updating every single activity they do every single microsecond is indeed annoying, you should be in Big Brother Africa.

8.  Facebook as Diary

It’s called status not a diary. People don’t care about your problems and definitely they don’t care what are you doing every 15 minutes. Besides, you have to be careful on what you will post. You should not air your dirty laundry publicly. If you want people to know what your doing all the time there’s always a Twitter and/or buy a journal or a diary. Use your pen, not a keyboard. Over sharing of your personal information could be a total turn off to others and you could be attacked on the social network.

7. Game Requests

Some of Facebook users do not want receiving any game requests because they’re really not playing that game or they’re not playing any games at all.

6. Food Pics on Instagram

It’s not annoying seeing pictures of food on Instagram but you have to consider some things in posting it. If nothing special on that food, think twice before upload it. No one cares what you ate every meal. Make your post  interesting to others, unique, or for which you have an awesome caption. Read this article entitled 11 Things No One Wants To See You Instagram and see what other kind of photos don’t want others to see you posting aside from food.


5. Twitter Death Hoaxes

Have you ever heard the news about the death of Zayn Malik, Adam Sandler and Adele? They were victims of Twitter death hoaxes. Of course, if you were a fan of them you’ll be shock seeing an “RIP” trending on Twiiter with their names. Not sure how or why these “death hoax” rumors started going viral on Twitter. Maybe the logic is, if someone who is influential and has hundred thousand followers tweeted a hashtag about the death of a celebrity, it will branch out to another tweet(or RTs) of the followers saying condolences, dismay, feeling of loss, curiousity, opposing, etc. Bottomline, be careful, not everything you read online is true.

4. Hashtag Abuse

Hashtags are there for a purpose but what is the essence of having multiple to voluminous hashtag on Instagram and Twiter(and now on Facebook) that turn to annoy followers? Overuse of hashtags is irritating and can come across as spammy. One to 4 hashtags is enough but 10 or more is horrible.

3. Flood Tweets and Solicited Trends

Don’t go beyond the limit. In some case, some Twitter users tweet more than what their followers is expecting. It is happen when there is a Twitter contest and/or when they need to forcely trend a topic – marketing strategy. Aside from 140 characters, Twitter has a limitation in posting tweets that will bring you to what they called Twitter Jail if you’ve reached the limit of 100 tweets per hour/1000 per day.

2. Retweeting All Compliments

They said that retweeting people who give you compliments is like smelling your own farts. Testimonials are valuable for companies and entrepreneurs but as an individual user, Twitter isn’t the place for that marketing content. For me, retweet some, but what I find more annoying is retweeting every single compliments and/or every single tweets on your mention tab, that’s terrible. If someone says something nice about you on Twitter just thank them. Bragging is annoying.

1. Begging for “Like” 

According to my survey, asking “like” on Facebook is the most annoying activity among on different social networking sites, from Facebook page to even a single post and photo. Personally, if my friends asking for it then I give, but not to the random people I don’t know and I also consider what post/page that I will LIKE. Why do people ask for likes? I think because there’s a contest, it’s a marketing strategy or badly, a self promotion. Do not ask people to “like”. If people want to LIKE something they will. People have free will.


4 thoughts on “TOP 10 Most Annoying Activities on Social Media

  1. Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

    By the way, yes, I have time to study good grammar(and I want), and that’s one of the reasons why I made a blog like this, see my about section.

    I already corrected what you’ve mentioned as far as I know, my apology.

  2. Marami talagang mahilig mag-retweet ng complement sa kanila, lalo na yung ibang beki sa twitter na feeling maganda. At yung hashtag abuse sa Instagram posts, as in #sobrang #kakairita #bawat #word #NaLang #May #Hashtag

  3. Other annoying things on twitter: auto-tweets (i.e., where people obsess about their number of followers/unfollowers). ’tis not really major, but is quite annoying. Oh, and people who YELL on twitter (use all-CAPS all the time with no abandon).

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