Lucban: Pahiyas Festival

It was a great time having fun when I was in Lucban, Quezon during the Pahiyas Festival. As expected, crowded people every corner. The place visited by different people from different places, since this is considered as one of the most awaited festival in the Philippines.


The streets are packed with locals and visitors.

I witnessed the annual celebration of Pahiyas Festival for the very first time. Every May 15, the streets of Lucban become more alive and colorful in honor to the patron saint of farmer, San Isidro Labrador as thanksgiving for bountiful harvest. The festival’s name derived from the Filipino terms hiyas (jewel) and pahiyas (precious offering). This is a source of excitement for the locals and visitors of the province.


“Thanksgiving: San Isidro Labrador”


According to legend, while San Isidro Labrador was in prayer, white oxen and a winged angel ploughed his fields.


House Decorating Contest

Thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest with a grand display of colorful rice wafers, fruits, vegetables, and handicrafts adorning every house in the town.


Yanung Rikit, Baling Ganda



The Pahiyas procession map changes every year to give every Lucban household a chance to participate and decorate their houses and win cash and other prizes. The houses are judged and the best one is proclaimed the winner.


Special Award


First Prize Winner


Grand Prize Winner


Some houses are fully decorated by Kiping, a traditional wafer that is used as both a decoration and a snack.


Photo Courtesy: – How To Make Kiping


Besides being used for making decorations, it can be used like chips and served with dips.


Kiping into elaborate brightly coloured chandeliers.

During at night.

Decorated house gets lively during the night. Anyway, besides these awesome houses lots of activities scheduled.





San Isidro Labrador Church

There’s lot more than this to explore here, such as eating Pancit Habhab, Longganisang Lucban, watching procession of higantes, street dancers, floats and gowns. An interesting place to visit and I think Lucban, Quezon is one of  the country’s cleanest and most peaceful communities.

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