Bigger than Man, Alien Caught on My Cam

Silly thought from a child’s brain

Ever since I was a child I am wondering if there’s a life like us beyond Earth.  Imagining that one day aliens will come to our land to make friends or the worst thing to declare wars to invade us. How real that the UFOs are vehicles of aliens towards Earth? If it’s real then UFOs are  just like a Curiosity rover of NASA, exploring over Mars. What if extra terrestrials have a mission to determine whether Earth could ever support them? What if there’s a huge war on their planet and the only thing to survive is to find another planet to live on? Mind blow.

Alien Caught on My Camera

Something strange happened when I was in Lucban, Quezon last April 21. An extra terrestrial thing bigger than man had been caught on my camera in front outside Lucban church.


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How real is it?

Just to relate the incident, I found out that near in this place is Mt. Banahaw, (considered by many as a “Holy mountain)  wherein there is an Urban legend that had circulated around the provinces. Hikers were missing everytime they went up in Mt. Banahaw . It was blamed on the aliens and the mountain was said to have a perfect landing site for UFOs. For years it has been the pilgrimage of mystics.

Mt. Banahaw is located between Laguna and Quezon, rumored to be an eddy for the        supernatural. Many claim it to be the landing site for the extra-terrestial, as witnessed by hundreds of people. Another is Mount Cristobal, both sacred mountains were feared by campers and said to be infested by Engkantos(fairies). Anyway, that is just an Urban  legend.

When I first saw the pic on my gallery, I was not shocked nor afraid, I’m curious and puzzled. I want to find out if this real or I’m just hoaxed by my own phone.

I remember last month there was a headline on news saying that a tiny extra terrestrial has been photographed at a government center in Bacolod City(on March 1, 2013 at 4 p.m). She was surprised to see an extra terrestrial creature standing beside her in a photo taken by another city employee.

Emily-Santodelsis-with-E.T.-e1362212077446UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, space, aliens, ET, UFO, Justin Bieber, Bacolod, government, area 51, paranormal, world, news alien, aliens, ET, Emily, Santodelsis, UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, nasa, space, paranormal, astronomy, bad, Justin Bieber, Selena, Gomez, MUFON, news,

Same alien as mine? Maybe they are relatives related.

Another incident happened last January this year, headline news in Bangkok Post. A policeman claims to have captured an image of an ET while he was taking a picture of his son on a beach. When he looked at the image closely, he saw a small ‘alien’ standing in front of his son.


Are these aliens will invade us in the near future?

The Responsible

I checked my phone to verify if there were any instances that brought the pic into unusual circumstances. I suspected the new app installed in my phone, the Camera360. I was using this app while taking pictures around the church. The current version of this app features a new photo effect titled “2012″ that adds a UFO, an extraterrestrial, or lighting to a photo. I’m thinking that the setting was accidentally activated by me while I’m using it. I researched on internet regarding on this issue and found out same scenario. Now, I conclude that the extraterrestrial is a fraud generated by the app on my phone (for Android and iPhone).

The officer told the Bangkok Post, “The photo was not edited and if any organisation wants to use the image for research they can contact the police station.” But as the Bangkok Post pointed out, this extraterrestrial is identical to the extraterrestrial used in Camera360′s advertising.

Well, if you’re jumping into a conclusion and strongly believe on what have seen by your eyes on the photos, it is not advisable to disclose this kind of incident immediately to the media or public. Don’t dare to submit the photo to James Fox, the filmmaker who is currently working on a UFO film for which the producers have offered $100,000 for the best evidence of UFOs, for you not to feel ashamed.

Camera360 is just one of many tools allowing people to hoaxed. Besides inserting aliens, this app has also the capacity to insert ghost on your photos. In this modern times, a camera trick is just only one click away or maybe one tap.

You have to a RISK – Research, Investigate and Share Knowledge.

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