Awesome Foursome

“The concert being counted as the talk of town was greatly justified when it made the global guide list of last-minute Valentine date destinations as jotted down by CNN’s travel writer Pam Grout. In the article titled “50 Cities, 50 Last-Minute Valentine’s Dates,” Manila was included at number 21, with the “Foursome” show suggested as the ‘historic Valentine’s concert’ to catch.” –

After a successful Foursome concert last February 14, another successful one happened last night. The undisputed talent of the concert King Martin Nievera, concert queen Pops Fernandez, Asia’s songbird Regine Velasquez and hitmaker/song writer/actor/comedian Ogie Alcasid have been showcased again.

Four of the country’s singing icons had come together for the second time. Happened in  MOA Arena, they brought back a spectacular show. 

One on the highlights of this concert was when Ogie and Martin danced as Gary V. sang his remarkable dance hits. They can’t dance as what Gary V. perfomed but they tried to and that was interesting to watch.


‘Foursome’ artists with Gary V. performing on the same stage.

I remembered when Pops and Regine talked about how the audience shout according to what their social status. That was funny when they noticed that on the upper venue shouted drastically while on the patron and VIP area shouted a bit softly.

Surprisingly, Zsazsa Padilla was on the audience and was able to go up on stage with the ‘foursome’ and Gary V (guest). That was an odd to see six of the biggest names in OPM sharing on one stage. They thinking and planning about a concert that probably will happen next year starring Gary, Ogie, Martin, Zsazsa, Pops and Regine. So what’s the title of that concert? Regine said it was “Sixsome”. Ogie suggested “Fivesome and the Handsome” (pertaining himself as the handsome). While Martin said that will be “Five and a half”.

“Foursome the Repeat” was presented by Starmedia Entertainment and GMA Network. I  will not be surprised if there’s a ‘Foursome Threepeat’ or maybe a ‘Five and a half’ concert as what Martin said. 🙂

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