Baguio: Panagbenga Festival


Panagbenga Festival  is an annual flower festival in Baguio City. The term Panagbenga came from Malayo-Polynesian origin meaning “season of blooming”.

We’re able to witness a part of the celebration of this month-long festival.

Who said it’ll have a massive crowds? Well, that’s right. If you’re going to Baguio in the season of the festival expect a huge crowd. We  only commute via bus. Luckily, if we have a vehicle it might just get us mad when bump into a heavy traffic around the city.


Street Dance

It is hard to wake up early in Baguio (coz it’s cold) but we’re not there to sleep all day long. One of the events in the celebration of Panagbenga Festival is the Street Dance parade. We are early enough to have a near view from the street side. It’s just like a Patron or a VIP seats in a concert.

While waiting I was able to buy and taste a strawberry taho sold by the street vendor. It tastes good but I do not left an empty cup.

How cute these 2 kids fell asleep in front of us while waiting for the parade.

After almost 3 hours, the parade came in.





Grand Float Parade

Same with the street dance parade, you have to wake up early not only for not missing every single flower float but also to have a nice view from where you looking at, especially if you’re interested in taking photos. The difference, it is twice the volume of spectators compared to the street dance parade.






In the midst of the exciting parade, a young boy experienced a stress physically resulting into a pallid face. Medics quickly took care the patient away from the crowded place.


The float parade also attended by the celebrities like Gary V., Bong Revilla, Robin Padilla, Rhian Ramos, Daniel Matsunaga, Shamcey Supsup any many more.


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